The Red Gloves

a live performance and film

I have a very clear memory of a busy Friday night dinner shift. I was was one of 5 wait staff on the floor and the restaurant was a buzzing with energy. Exactly what Bjork song was blasting while bodies whirled and plates clinked I don’t remember but the moment made a huge impression.

Fast forward 8 years. I’m in a relationship with someone who travels a lot for work. To be with her, I would likely have to be on the go as well. I don’t remember exactly how or why, but based on something related to that moment I had in the restaurant it occurs to me that I could collect moments from people and places I might travel, and then compile them into a dance. In order to make the movements and dynamics stand out, I’d ask the person engaging in the activity wear a pair of red gloves. The relationship didn’t work out, my excitement for the project grew. I planned a trip to Europe. During the next 6 weeks, I had 97 people put on the red gloves.

Next step was to put up a casting notice and try to find actors and dancer who would be generous enough to work for free in helping bring this idea to fruition. I hung casting notices. Held auditions. Begged friends. Eventually we had 13 performers down and got in the rehearsal room. I had no real clear idea as to what this was going to look like, but we got started. We crafted scenes, created choreography, characters and even some text based (real loosely) on what I’d gathered. We actually had to leave most of that behind. After 6 months, and a couple of public rehearsals for friends, we had a show. Some of the footage I’d collected had made it into the show, but most of it was cut. I did use it to make promotional videos for the show.