Billy Schultz 

Producer, Educator, Artist

With a background in entertainment, education and project management Billy Schultz has over 15 years experience engaging and delighting audiences of a diverse range of ages, cultures and industries. Whether producing a dynamic live event, short film, or developing a creative vision for audience growth and strategic partnerships, Billy works with a balance of daring and playful invention, attentive collaboration with all parties and the ability to keep process, details and the big picture in harmony.


2018 / Current

Dancify That!
2/23 at La Lleialtat Santsenca (Barcelona!)
3/22 at the People’s Improv Theater
3/29 at Caveat (contemporary dancer edition)
5/24 at the People’s Improv Theater

Lemonade Stand
Two of my 8 year old students and I transformed an abandoned construction fence into a dynamic and delicious Lemonade stand. We had a great time, sold gallons of lemonade and donated proceeds to CHIPS. More of this to come! Special thanks to their moms Sofie and Carolyn! In collaboration with BAX. Watch here.

Art Date with Donna Costello
Tinder, OkCupid, etc… What about Art Date. You go out with someone and make a project on a date? Would you sign up for that?

Theater Workshops and Residencies
 with BKPL Literacy and Creative Aging Program, BAX, BAC, and the New Victory Theater.


Dancify That!
at People’s Improv Theater (currently in TV development)

Dance Translations
Collaboration with Maira Duarte/Dance to the People. 100s of participants create movement inspired by the same videos.

Shot Benches
Bullet hole damage as an aesthetic and subsequent conversations with gun owners.

Recovery Dance
A dance of gestures collected during the first month of recovering from a broken ankle. With David Woon and Genevieve Leloup.


Development of  “Dancify That”
Experimentation with themes: Wizard and Rooster (run around the city looking at public art), Dr. Grahamoffer (Dance Therapist) and others.

Me, Myselfie and I
Physical Comedy Dance collaboration with Karesia Batan. Performed at Built on Stilts Festival.

Fish Tale
Physical Comedy Dance solo performed for Dancewave summer intensive students.


A photo collaboration with Erin Albrecht.

The Red Gloves
Art house meets little rascals. A dance theater performance and film complete with poker, a shootout, a tea party and love.

Romcom between pigeons. Featuring Michael Eisenstein and Aurora Heimbach.

Dance film in collaboration with Karesia Batan, C.J. Dockery and Ben Sayeg.

Surfer Guy
Creator, Performer. Physical Comedy/Dance Piece performed at the Comedy in Dance Festival, Triskelion Arts.


Principal actor in short film directed by Iain Marcks.

No Reservations Actor, Writer. Comedic play about a failing romance. Created with Audrey Crabtree and directed by John Towsen.

Motley Holler of How Do You Do? Comedic dance theater performance. 3 Dancers. 7 musicians. With Erin Bell, Tanya Solomon and others.

Whoa Wednesdays Variety Show  Produced this bi-weekly variety show featuring circus, dance and dramatic acts.

Variety Acts  Devised 2-10 minute comedic routines for venues in and around NYC.


Goat Go Goat, Amplifier Dance, White Foot Slap.
Dances with Scott Heron.

Sorry About Ms. Jack
Black comedy featuring Erin Bell and Jennifer Baruch. I wrote, edited and directed this short film.

Lafcadio’s Bazaar
Producer and host of this variety show at One-Eyed Jacks featuring burlesque, magic, circus arts and dance.

Interactive Penny Arcade Games
Mardi Gras Krewe.

Mon Réve Familier
Principal actor in this short film with Ximena Frixione. Written, directed and produced by Jim Ferguson


San Lorenzo Fish
35 foot fish made of wood and installed in the middle of the night in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. (video)

Everybody Dance Shirt
30 shirts sewn together to create on garment that everyone could put on and dance.

Theater Teacher at Equestrian Summer Camp in Russia. 
Teaching English through theater games and riding horses.

More to come.